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Recently, there has been awareness and campaigns occurring in Michigan in regards to vaccinations. The majority of vaccination news has been centered around safety concerns. Michigan has take a much different stance on these safety concerns. They have created a campaign, in partnership with Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, to increase awareness about the importance of vaccinations. This campaign has been called I Vaccinate. Michigan created I Vaccinate in response to the state’s low vaccination rates.


This campaign is advertised through all of Michigan’s media outlets encouraging parents to educate themselves on the subject. The overall goal is to bring vaccination rates up in the state of Michigan to further protect the community and prevent outbreaks and epidemics. 

Even though safety concerns have been recently linked with vaccinations, several medical experts throughout the country continue to defend the importance of vaccinations. To learn more about this campaign, visit the I Vaccinate website. Help Michigan create a safe community and spread vaccination awareness!

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