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How to Access your Immunization Records to Upload for Immunization Verification

Finding your vaccine records for immunization verification can be a daunting task, especially when preoccupied with all of the other onboarding obligations you are tasked with. 

Though each person's medical and vaccination history is different and varies from person to person, fortunately, there are equally as many varied ways of finding your vaccination records and obtaining immunization verification for your school. 

Option 1: Contact your physician


Contacting your doctor is a great way to find out what immunizations they have on record. Med+Proctor also offers blank immunization forms for you to download and bring to your healthcare provider to fill out based on their stored records. These forms are useful for students to ensure they are obtaining proof of their institution-specific immunization requirements. You can obtain these blank forms by accessing the documents section of your Med+Proctor account, you can also email us or start a live chat for further assistance. If your doctor has proof of your immunization history, this may be your preferred option. 

Option 2: Check your high school transcript


If you went to high school in the United States, it is very likely your records are on your high school transcript. If you already have these records, check and see if your immunization history is there! If you do not have your high school transcripts handy, it may be worth contacting your previous school so that you may acquire those records. If your transcript does not contain proof of your immunization history, it could still be worth contacting your high school about as they may be able to put you in contact with their health center where your records could still be. 

Option 3: Check with a previous employer


If you have been employed it is likely you needed to provide them with your immunization records for their own immunization compliances. Your best option would be to contact the most previous employer you have had or your current employer as the likelihood of them still having those immunization records is much higher. Contacting previous or current employers is a great option if you are unable to find any other record of your immunizations. 

Option 4: Check your State's health department


If you live in the United States, you are also able to contact your State's health department as they could possibly have an immunization registry with immunization records for state residents.

Out of options? 

If you have gotten to the end of this article, and feel you are out of options don't fret!

Although it is completely safe to be immunized again, it may not be convenient for you. If you are unable to find proof of your previous vaccinations but know that you were immunized in the past you may choose to complete a titer test, which is accepted for certain immunizations. A titer is blood work that checks for immunity against the disease. This means if you were immunized but are unable to find proof of that immunization, you are able to test for immunity in order to obtain immunization verification.  You can contact your physician about where to get a titer or even obtain a titer test from places like CVS or Walgreens. 

Don't hesitate to contact your school's health center as well, as they can assist you with further information on where to get vaccinated or get titers, they may even offer these services on campus! 

Don't waste time and money, be sure to email us first to find out which vaccinations you can submit titers for based on your school's requirements!













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