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The What, Where, and Why of your School's Flu Shot Vaccine Requirement

What is the Flu Shot?

The flu shot can also be regarded as the influenza vaccination as it offers protection from respiratory illnesses that are caused by influenza viruses (the flu). The flu shot is seasonally developed to protect against the virus as the virus seasonally changes, which is why a yearly flu shot is recommended and may even be required by your school or program. 

Why is your school or program requiring you to get the flu shot?

Getting the flu shot is important for your safety and the safety of others as it helps minimize the spread of the virus. Your school may require proof of a flu shot for immunization in order to help protect the health of you and your student body.

How to ask for proof of immunization for vaccination compliance?

In order to have your flu shot verified for vaccine compliance you will need to obtain a record of your flu shot administration. Your immunization record will need to be displayed on your pharmacy's/doctor's official letterhead and should include the lot number, expiration date, the flu shot manufacturer, and the date the flu shot was administered.

Where to get your flu shot?

There are many options for you in your endeavors to get your flu shot.

  • Check your Local Pharmacy
    • Your local pharmacy will have open slots available for you to get your flu vaccination. Pricing may differ depending on the pharmacy and pharmacies may offer free flu shots depending on your insurance.
    • You can get your flu shot at your local Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, etc.
    • Most pharmacies take walk-ins, but you can also schedule your appointment online ahead of time to ensure a specific appointment time.
  • Find an Urgent Care Near you
    • Going to an Urgent Care near you is another option for immunization.
    • You may want to call ahead to be sure that they have the flu vaccine in supply before going.
    • You can also call ahead to ask about pricing, available time slots, etc. 

  • Check with Your Student Health Center
    • It is likely that your school offers flu shots right on campus, and may even have free flu clinic pop-ups.
    • These services will most likely only be offered in season, so be sure to get vaccinated at the recommended time for maximized protection and flu shot availability.
    • Contact your student health center today about their flu shot student services.

Further Flu Prevention: 

Getting vaccinated is important but other additional measures must be taken to help stop the spread of the flu. Try to avoid touching your nose, face, and mouth, and be sure to wash your hands frequently. Whether you are sick or not be sure to also cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. 






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