How Med+Proctor makes Immunization Compliance Administration Easy


Remote verification of immunizations is the future for onboarding immunization compliance and here's why.

What is Immunization Compliance Administration? 

Immunization compliance administration is the management and digitization of immunization records for onboarding staff, transferring students, incoming freshmen, etc. Virtualizing and verifying immunization information positively affects school administrations, student health centers, and more by freeing their time up to prioritize student health and student satisfaction. Med+Proctor is able to effectively and efficiently handle all immunization compliance by reviewing and verifying students' uploaded immunization records as well as virtually and safely storing the information for the student and school. 

How user-friendly is Med+Proctor? 

Med+Proctor prioritizes the ease of the student, not only is the goal to optimize the institution's efficiency but also prioritizes the time of the student. Navigating the site is made easy as the student is able to seamlessly follow the prompts on their screen. However, Med+Proctor also understands that more detailed steps may be needed for the student to feel more confident in the success of their upload and verification. This is why institutions are offered, by request, informative step-by-step instruction infographics that they may wish to send out to students. Video instructions that are specific to each institution and their specific immunization requirements are also made available by request to further the ease of use for the students and administration.

Examples of these instructions can be requested along with demos of the site:

Med+Proctor also maximizes user ease by being available to answer all queries posed by administrators, students, and all users. Med+Proctor's live chat support provides users with real-time assistance. Users are also able to contact via email for any kind of assistance. Availableness is essential in making immunization compliance easy as it provides students with quick and effective assistance and guidance while also valuing the opinions of the site's users. 

How does Med+Proctor Verify Immunizations Remotely and is it Secure? 

Students are able to upload their immunization records right from the comfort of their own homes. Med+Proctor evaluates all uploaded records and reviews them in accordance with their institution's immunization requirements. Students are able to take a picture of their records or scan them, all dependent on what is most convenient for the user. 

MedProctor safely stores the documents as well as a virtualized record for the entirety of the student's college career. Students are given a choice to upgrade their account which ensures that their records are stored forever and accessible to them at any time. Med+Proctor's software as a service meets all US federal safety standards to comply with both HIPPA and FERPA regulations, so students and administrators can ensure the security of all digitized electronic health records. 

How Med+Proctor makes Immunization Compliance Administration Easy:

Med+Proctor prioritizes security, efficiency, and accessibility so that you do not have to. Taking immunization compliance online allows students and employees to save paper and trips to health centers by providing a secure online service. Remote onboarding immunization verification with Med+Proctor tracks and manages immunization records in a way that is easy for students so that they can focus on their exciting new journeys. 




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