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What's going on with the mumps?


mumps-outbreak-map.jpgAs the mumps keeps spreading from state to state, more people start to panic. Here are some interesting facts concerning the mumps outbreaks. 

  • A major contributing factor to the outbreaks is being in a crowded environment. That is why it has become so common on college campuses.
  • The MMR vaccine prevents most cases of the mumps. Luckily, the strand that is currently circulating IS protected by the vaccine
  • The vaccination is crucial in order to be protected against this outbreak 
  • This is the most reported cases since 2006
  • If you are worried, go check if you are still protected by the vaccine 
  • If you aren't vaccinated, it isn't too late to get the immunization 
  • The CDC recommends that if you do have a confirmed case to report it outbreaks-graph.png




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