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Campus Health Services has partnered with Med+Proctor

Submission of Documentation

Campus Health Services has partnered with Med+Proctor to streamline the collection and verification of vaccinations for all incoming freshman beginning in the Fall of 2016.  We are one of many institutions partnering with Med+Proctor to safe guard the health of our students.  Med+Proctor focuses on automating the immunization submission and reviewing process and securely house documents for the students.

  • Students will be required to create a Med+Proctor account using a cardmail.louisville.edu email address and you will need to have your UofL student ID number to complete the enrollment.
  • Students will be required to print the Med+Proctor Immunization Certificate after completing the enrollment. This form will require the signature of a licensed provider.
    Call your doctor and schedule an appointment!!
  • You may be asked to upload supporting documentation by Med+Proctor and/or Campus Health Services.

Healthy CARDS are Happy CARDS – Start your registration here: https://secure.medproctor.com
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