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Wichita School District To Pull-Out Students With Outdated Immunizations By Nov. 16

Students from the Wichita School District who do not have up-to-date immunizations will not be admitted to school beginning November 16 of this year. School officials said that all of the school nurses in the district have been notifying the students' parents of the said requirement. The notification was provided since the enrollment period where parents, whose children do not have up-to-date immunization shots, were notified through electronic mails, phone calls, letter, or constant notifications during parent-teacher meetings and conferences. Beginning November 16, Wichita students were told that they will be excluded from their classes and were not allowed to come back school should they do not comply with their immunization shots. Kimber Kasitz, Wichita District's coordinator of health services, said that they were doing this to protect all of their students and staff members. ""We want to make sure people are healthy, and if we're not immunized then we're going to have a lot of illness spread that we could prevent," Kasitz said. Meanwhile, Kansas schools permit unvaccinated students to attend schools if they will provide an annual written statement from their respective physicians indicating that their health would be endangered should they be undergoing the inoculation, and if their parent or guardian provide a signed written statement their children belongs to a particular religious denomination whose beliefs and teachings opposed the process of immunization. Kasitz said that, if in certain cases, there will be disease outbreaks in the school, any student claiming an exemption shall be automatically excluded from their classes for up to 21 days. She also added that students excluded from the first two days - November 16 and November 17 for immunization reasons will be excused. However, if they will be missing more school days, their absences will be considered unexcused. For this school year, specific changes were made in varicella or chicken pox immunization requirement where K-12 students must be given at least two doses. Moreover, some medical professionals administer either a Tdap or DTaP vaccine. If a child has taken either of the two versions, it will already satisfy the requirement. Should parents received a notice but believe that their child has already taken the required shots; they should inform and contact the school nurse immediately. For all those students who need immunization shots but are not covered by insurance or a health care provider, they are directed to a safety-net clinic like GraceMed or Hunter Health Clinic or to the Sedgwick County Health Department, which all provide immunization at a low or no cost. Source: Wichita School District To Pull-Out Students With Outdated Immunizations By Nov. 16      

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