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Med Clinic introduces new record-keeping system

By Rebecca Oliver, Campus Write for The Auburn Plainsmen
January 18th, 2015
The Auburn University Medical Clinic will put into effect a new digital system of immunization record keeping that will be fully operable in the fall 2015 semester, according to John Adams, practice manager.
“We’re trying to make the system of record keeping more efficient,” Adams said. “The current system involves the transferring of paper and hand written documentation that can lead to errors. The new system not only will decrease errors but will also allow students to log on to their online account to access their records should they need a copy at any time.”
According to Adams, the new software is encrypted with codes that prevent the input of incorrect information.
“For example, in fields where alpha characters belong, the system will block users from entering numerical data,” Adams said.
Adams said the new system will be available this spring 2015 semester; however, the system will not be completely functional for student use until fall 2015.
“We’re going to start out slow and then we’ll be in full swing by fall 2015,” Adams said.
The digital system is a product of a healthcare software company called Med+Pass that specializes in and is equipped to guard the privacy of students with firewalls and other features including confirmation texts, according to Adams.
“One of the first questions we were asked when we proposed the new system was how well the system would protect the privacy of students’ records,” Adams said. “People will probably think this system is too safe.”
Med+Pass representatives were unable to offer any information on the product the Medical Clinic will be using.
Magan Hamner, marketing coordinator for the Med Clinic, said the implementation of the new system would come at no cost to students.
“The Medical Clinic bills students for the services they use during visits directly,” Hamner said. “Funding for projects such as this come from the Medical Clinic’s independent budget.”
According to Adams and Hamner, incoming fall 2015 student immunization records will be processed free of the old paper transfer system.
Fred Kam, medical director, said the system is innovative.
“The majority of universities are currently not using a system like this,” Kam said. “We always want to be on the cutting edge of technology. The new software is more user-friendly and customer-focused with its ability to eliminate steps in the transfer of student information.”

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