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CMS will start removing students without immunizations this week

North Carolina parents might want to hurry and make a doctor's appointment for their kids if their kids’ immunizations aren't up to date. For students who started school on Aug. 24, including Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the 30-day grace-period ends Tuesday. Wednesday is what CMS is calling exclusion day for students who started class on Aug. 24 when students who don't have updated shots are excluded from school. The exclusion requirements include changes and additions that just kicked in on July 1. Pneumococcal vaccine is required for students under 5 years old. The meningitis vaccine is required for entering seventh-graders or by 12 years old, whichever comes first. The polio vaccine booster is required for students at least 4 years old.  A second dose of chickenpox vaccine is needed before entering school for the first time. The TDAP booster is required for students who never got it before and who are starting seventh grade or are 12 years old. Channel 9 spoke with a CMS parent, who's also a nurse, who believes 30 days wasn't enough time. "The students shouldn't be punished for not being able to learn if the parents haven't done what they're supposed to do," Awanya Tilley said. But she and others say it has to be done. "Do the research," Tilley said.  "You'll see how the immunizations have saved lives." "It makes a lot of sense to me," Gail Porfilio said. "Why risk your child, let alone other children?" If children are taken out of school, they won't be allowed to return until those records are up to date. The group People Advocating Vaccine Education recommends that parents educate themselves on the pros and cons of vaccination. There are exemptions possible for medical or religious reasons. CLICK HERE: New vaccine requirements for NC students Source: CMS will start removing students without immunizations this week

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